By ChrisGroucutt

All set

Everything is wrapped. The scene is set. The kids are in bed (excited and trying to get to sleep), and Santa is on his way.

We thought this year might have been a little different for the littlest one, having hinted she knew what the score was a few months ago, and saying she wanted to leave her kindle video recording all night to see if Santa was real. 

But we neither confirmed it or denied it... and suggested gently that Santa probably wouldn't come to places where people try to video him. And tonight... she bottled it. There shall be no attempted Santa recordings here.

And so we have the reindeer food out, and a little tipple and a mince pie for Santa. 

And Santa will of course leave his powdery footprints behind outside her door... and the magic will be kept alive :)

Night night all... last sleep before Christmas. Hope you all get what you were hoping for :)


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