LL Cool Jim

By LLCoolJim

Mum's comin

Ok, ok - I'm due a backlog o' blips but gotta tell you this.

(In his Santa jammies) After checking the radar and after putting the reindeer food on the path, milk (whisky) n' cookies oot for Santa and the carrot (cut into three so it was more manageable in the chew-dept) out for Rudolph ("He's vegetarian, Dad, isn't he?")


Jacob: "Night night Dad"

Dad: "Night night wee man"

(Mum goes out front to rattle her belt coz it sounds like sleigh bells")

"Do you hear that, Jacob? Listen!!...."


"Is that Santa?"

"No, Dad, that's just Mum's belt"

I tried real hard not to LOL!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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