Migrant in Moscow

By Migrant

Forty six centuries and still going

This the Great Sphinx of Giza, which along with the pyramids, is now in its 46th century.  It was interesting to read that it was fully excavated only in the 1930s and, like so many similar structures in Egypt, forgotten about by the local people for a millennium or more. There were few western tourists about.  Mostly local school groups and Chinese tour groups (one of the more prominent restaurants in the vicinity is aptly the 'Grand Dragon Chinese Restaurant').  And as ever (and everywhere) in Egypt, a large  and active contingent of vendors, guides and assorted hustlers.  The first extra is a view over Cairo.  The second extra is Tutankhamen's death mask in the Egyptian Museum - an amazing facility.  Direct photography is not allowed but one can capture it through its glass enclosure.  I thought that the third extra illustrated the challenges of travelling in Egypt:  no price is transparent, no negotiation is ever ended, even after it has ended!  The fourth extra is departure by train from Cairo Ramses Station to Aswan - about 15 hours of very pleasant journeying.

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