A bit on the wild side!

A bitterly cold day with very strong winds making it feel even colder. I needed two fleeces as well as my anorak this morning. L and I had planned to have a walk but it was almost impossible so we took the car down to the harbour .... L couldn't open her door against the wind so a passerby offered to help her.

The tide was high and the wind was blowing the waves right over the harbour wall. In my younger days I would have enjoyed dodging the spray but I'm not quick enough now and I would have been soaked very quickly. It was almost impossible to hold the camera still and dry. Standing at the side of The Granary gave us a bit of shelter but I only risked taking a couple of photos before staggering back, into the full force of the wind, to the car.

Things look better for tomorrow ..... typical when I am going home!

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