Christmas sparkle

Happy Christmas everyone!

Tim and I had a lovely day today.  He woke up too early, like a small child, so then we were both awake.  Got up, showered and had breakfast, then opened our presents.  He got me some lovely things - a huge selection of wheat beers, some new gloves, a hilarious cookbook ("Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a ****"), a fabulous wide angle lens for my Fujifilm camera, and a donation to the White Helmets charity in Syria.  Perfect.  He seemed pretty pleased with all the presents I got him too - particularly his bike stand and lights, and the sunrise alarm clock :)

We had brunch next, then a very lazy couple of hours before we thought about starting the dinner. Spoke to my Mum who was sounding very chipper.  Watched Paddington too - good film with a lovely sentiment behind it.  Cooked up a giant feast (Tim had roast beef, I had salmon en croute - and both had all the trimmings) and stuffed ourselves silly.

Had a lovely lazy afternoon/evening, and spoke to my Mum again, then my sister, in the evening.  A lovely chilled out day!

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