....for now to these 2 as they return to Greece. Looking back to the same date last year...we were doing the same thing!!!!. However Santa gave us one of the best was a letter addressed to O informing him that they would like to offer him a job in London working with his boss from The Shard....he's coming home. He had resigned at the end of November (but had kept it quiet) after realising he was worth more than £35 a day, the arguments and the missing tips (oh and I think he missed home too. ) so now M has her papers so both will return in the New Year. O starts his job 7-3pm and no weekends (great hours for a chef) on 9th Jan and M (who had also resigned from her job) will come over later.

363/366....a chance to reflect on the achievements of this amazing pair who have struggled with employment issues, legal documents and emotional upheaval but have also had hope and a positive attitude that it will all work O said on Feb 9th this year ..."Mum it'll be alright" and it is.

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