Mr John

By MrJohn


..... and spotty.

After a morning of yet more housework, this afternoon I've had a trip to Leeds. After sorting out some banking I spent an hour or so wondering around trying to take some street shots.

I've been fairly uninspired today, I feel as though the photographic inspiration switch in my brain had been knocked in to the off position. There were most likely hundreds of photo oppotunities but I couldnt spot them. Usually when I take streep shots, my technique is to wander around randomly snapping away, but today after not finding anything or one that caught my eye I thought I'd try a different approach and stood opposite the Louis Vuitton shop waiting for people to walk in to my viewfinder. Thats how this spotty street snap came about.

This evening I met up with my friends Mr & Mrs P in Leeds and after a brief trip out to Wakefield we had a Chinese buffet back in Leeds before heading back to Ilkley, where I bumped in to Earthdreamer in the supermarket ( I hope some of his magic for taking lovely photos has rubbed off for tomorrows blip :-) )

As this was the best of a bad bunch, today's blip is .....

..... Red and spotty.

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