Karma Sutra colour

On a grey day, you have to take your colour where you find it – and this is where I found it, at the place we had lunch in the Fishermen's Village at Bo Phut. Lonely Planet describes Karma Sutra as being a 'charming chow spot' but says 'the dated, eclectic décor is looking rather limp and tired'; however we thought it was great fun and, as we were all starving, the piping hot Thai platter and spring rolls were very welcome. Christina also had a lemon meringue pie, served in a jar (very hipster!)
We'd gone on a road trip to Nanthong, with plans to stop at a few places along the way, the first being at Tamarind Springs, where I'd left my old but trusty RipCurl hat the other day. After that, we wanted to see Wat Khunaram and the mummified monk, but we overshot it and decided to call in on the way back. The butterfly farm at Centara was closed as it's the wrong season, so we made our way onwards to Laem Sor Chedi, the gold pagoda. It has quite a history, and I think – judging by all the little wooden votive boats there, and the full-sized boat with the statue (mummy?) of a monk in a glass case on the deck – that this is where people come to pray for blessings on their boats.
After doing a couple of circuits of Nanthong's one-way system past the SteaTran pier, we decided that there probably wasn't a good beach there, and pressed on. I wanted to find the Chinese (Hainan) Temple at Mae Nan, but we somehow managed to miss that, too! I saw a couple of interesting-looking Wat complexes, but once Nicky is behind the wheel, he does rather tend to keep going – to the frustration of Christina who, now that she is a driver herself, hates being driven. She wanted to stop at a waterfall but again, we decided to stop there on the way back.
In the end, we had lunch at the Karma Sutra in Bo Phut and then wandered the lanes, looking at all the shops, before realizing that it would be quicker to head home via Chaweng, thus completing a full circuit of the island. Immy's headache is better today but still hanging around, so we came back and she had a rest before going out with Christina in search of a foot massage. Being right in Lamai itself does have advantages from that point of view. 

The weather was much cooler today, very grey and threatening rain all day with a stiff breeze. We had thought of taking a trip to either Ko Tao or Ko Nanyuang, but the sea conditions are not comfortable for boat trips at present.

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