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The extras show the lady's load of hay. Went out into the countryside west of Udaipur with Kannu Uncle.  The sun was so strong and the reflections from the hillside made taking pictures very difficult - so apologies for the quality. But the day started off in rather a startling way as the monkeys roaming the haveli next door decided to jump down and look at my breakfast table and listen to my penny whistling!  Two men were standing on the sloping side of the haveli trying to mend a broken drain pipe - after a couple of near misses they tied themselves with ropes to window frames - I hope they were strong enough.  Then Kannu took me out into the countryside in his rickshaw (a tuktuk but not called that in Udaipur), first to Nandeshwar Dham where I have stayed for 3 months on several occasions helping a healer with his correspondence and visitors.  He's gone a bit up market since then - not nearly so simple but apparently with lots of followers still and he has another ashram at Pushkar.  Then on into the humpy Aravali hills - the oldest in the world - where it would have been bright green after the monsoon.  The grass grew tall and has now been cut which is why it all looks so dry and rocky. We visited a dam where children were looking after sheep - it is holiday time so gives them something to do and the shepherd a rest.  Then half way home an aged woman with enormous pile of leaves on her head asked for a lift.  She is a widow - her son is into drink and doesn't give her money,  He was off to a wedding to which she couldn't go as she is widowed so she had to come into the city to sell the leaves.  Had she got the bus it would have cost the best part of what she got for them - what hardships some have to cope with.  come into the countryside

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