Flower Friday

With thanks to Anni (BikerBear) :)

Attempting a bit of bokeh (SOCO)...

Very thick fog this morning and it really hasn't lifted all day here.  I've been out to the supermarket for my weekly shop, then onto the Dr's.  

He doesn't think the coughing is anything but a virus (and typically the coughing has been much less today, though it is at night its really bad generally).  My chest and back are clear despite the pain which he assures me is just because of the coughing.  He has however, given me a prescription for some antibiotics just in case there is some infection somewhere.  He doesn't want me to take them though unless absolutely necessary because these are the only ones I can take :(

I am getting very bored (is this a sign of being better??) of job hunting and pottering about at home, but it is a much better life than many others have in this world. At the end of 2016, I'm very glad that I do at least have a roof over my head and some (if not a lot) finances to help me out in the rough times...

Looking forward to 2017 and all the challenges new things that will bring :)

Another nice long weekend when I don't have to job hunt :)

Does anyone have any tips/hint/knowledge who can advise about whether or not to get an ipod, what variety and also on sound bars?  (I've looked at the Apple 16 GB iPod Nan but its 150ish pounds which is quite a lot for me just now) I'm missing my music at home.  I do have a walkman, but not sure if its blue tooth or not...

Happy Friday folks :)

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