Our World!

By Nay1980

Lets start getting healthy ❤

Well ive been here many times, wanting to loose weight and for whatever reason life has gotten in the way. Last year i lost my Mum, her health was bad and alot of her issues could have been alot better if she had not been obese like myself.
So as you can imagine this has hit home massively, Mum was only 55 when she died, her health issues started when she was 44 and she wasn't as big as i am now. Last year I wanted to be at least 5 stone lighter by now, im not and im not proud of that but i have come a long way fitness wise.
Last year i believe i have achieved quite a bit in my life, i began the couch to 5k and im now able to run. I have ran two 5k races and i also did the summer wolf run, that was 10k, granted i didnt run it all but was a huge achievement in it's self to be doing that!!
I also have gone back to school to do my gcse maths so i can go further in my career eventually. And finally im learning to drive.. all things i once would have never believed I'd be doing!!
Last year i quit slimming world i became almost obsessed with what i wasnt allowed to have and beating myself up more so i decided to give it a break. So alongside my hubby i have been learning to eat better and upping my exercise at the gym and with my personal trainer. This year im hoping the weight will start to move a bit more. My shape and ability has thats one things for sure!!
So im going to be keeping a blog hopefully weekly to keep me motivated to see how i get on.. i will weigh in and keep u updated with losses and inch loss also..

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