Apocalypse Not

No rain, no wind, just a lot of wildness in the morning sky. There are surfers in the water, towards the center of the frame, and dogs on the beach. and lots of folks out for a stroll. We are definitely back from our snow break--today was filled with chores and errands, and I think maybe snowshoeing is catching up to me: I'm feeling parts that I didn't know I had, and ready to be tucked in for the night. My son gave me a FitBit for Christmas, so I expect I'll be aching quite regularly as I become obsessed with all those numbers and how I can improve myself at every turn.

I got a little bit of attention the other day for a milestone blip while we were on vacation, but it took me by surprise. I consider New Year's Day as my annual milestone, and I will fast be completing six years on Blipfoto. Hard to believe I've been at it so faithfully for so long.

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