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Happy New Year!

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a very happy new year. 

We'd particularly like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who has recently signed up to start a new blip journal. Just to give you a bit of background and guidance to Blipfoto it started with a simple thought. What would it be like to record your life by using just one photo a day?  What has happened to you today? Where have you been? Who were you with?

Whether you want to do this daily, once a week or every now and then, our website and apps make it easy and fun to record your day.

You’re under no pressure to take a ‘good’ photo or to write a lot of words, your journal is your personal space to record the little moments and watch them build over time. You can share your journal with the our global community, or just with family and friends.

Along the way, we’re sure you will realise that you’ve joined one of the friendliest places on the internet. We work closely with our community to protect our principle of ‘Be Excellent to Each Other’ -  a fun loving and respectful group of people who celebrate life every day.

To help you get started, why not explore the community, leave a comment on entries you like, follow journals you find interesting or check out our activities?  You can easily find some of our newer members by browsing the New area or look at current Popular images.  We know many of our established members will be popping over to see what you’ve posted and encourage those new to the site.

If you ever have any problems or suggestions, check out our handy FAQs  or get in touch.

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