This marble carving had been thrown out for it wasn't perfect any more - there is a crack in the pedestal.  But she also looks rather abandoned so this is a mono monday entry and also a derelict sunday one too. Took myself to a posh restaurant for lunch with a grassy lawn overlooking a lake and then found a rather charming old Shiva Temple that was having its surrounds beautified - there will be fountains and water running around it in marble channels. The marble carvers were working with hammer and nails to carve and everyone today except the donkey drivers were happy to have photographs taken. I gave a 10 rupee note to a very old lady who was sitting outside the temple and was immediately besieged by 10 others, old women, young children and men with outstretched arms - rather alarming and I didn't have enough for them all so waited a bit until only the old ladies were left. The walk

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