Busy day.

Strangely - due to the picture's geometry, the whole cannot be viewed except in "Large"

Curiosity strikes again.

An exceptionally busy day. More so than of late.
First job - the Egg Factory. Only half a dozen, there being half as many of me.
Next the necessary trip to collect "Alice " from the undertakers. We were both very fond of Bluebells, so I chose this container for her short sojourn with me. 
Then came Niece, Husband and brace of sprogs. S volunteered his services to see if he could see to the fire problem at mate/relative rates.

They hadn't been gone an hour when in pops "The Man". Clicky having business downtown so he thought he may as well pester me as sit in the car and read.
I did get time to feed and "Swan about" for a bit and then in popped an  ex-colleague. One of those friends you can maybe away from for weeks/months only to carry on, almost in mid sentence when you re-combine.
Warmed up the huge pile of nosh, ate a goodly proportion and am now dividing my time twixt Star Trek, FarmVille and, of course Blip.

On a somewhat more mundane note, I ventured to the end of the garden with the most recent accumulation of compostable vegetation to find some of the stuff already in the composter making a serious challenge on my own chin-wig.

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