All is Revealed . . .

Not exactly to difficult to guess what it was, but what was it for??
Last year when we first ‘Explored’ our new trailcam what was not obvious was that if you mounted it on a normal tripod head you could not plug in the external monitor.  I think you can see that from the close-up / main image.
Hence the purchase of a ‘mini tripod ball mount’.  We ordered one straight away and it was dispatched almost immediately.  What I did not notice was that it was on its way from China – so I ordered a couple of extra ones direct from Amazon and they were here in a couple of days.  Now we have some spares which I can see being very useful in the months to come.
Trailcam on tripod at ‘Extras’.
Hedgehog update:- No activity seen for a couple of nights so it looks as if they have hibernated – AT LAST!  Let’s hope they make it through to the spring.

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