Ramblings from Zambia....

By dcafrica


Hectic day.  I have training in Kitwe in the Copperbelt on Saturday so I was planning for that today!  I needed some stuff photocopied, but I had a gate motor put on my gate today (so that I don't get soaked everytime I have to open and close the gate in the rain)!  Of course the guys have cemented the drive so it can't be driven over!  I phoned a taxi and he didn't come.  Not my day really!

However, the positive thing about today is that these are onions from my garden!!

Forgot to take a photo yesterday - flew back from Johannesburg and it was torrential rain all evening and night!!  The guy at the check in desk in Joburg airport was hilarious!   I was taking my passport out of its sleeve and it got jammed and I apologized and he said ' don't worry madam, its an age thing - as you get old you forget!!!  That's why I am here, young and able to assist you'!  I just laughed - made my day!!

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