Meet Wilbur

JJ went off to golf this morning so, after dragging myself out of bed and doing a few chores, I wrapped up and went for a walk.  It wasn't until I got round to the first playing field that I spotted this little beauty going through his paces.

Wilbur is ten months old and Hayley has had him since he was ten weeks.  She is training him to be a "hearing" dog but better than that he's acting as a companion to her son who has Autism and lots of medical issues and until the dog arrived wouldn't leave his bedroom.  He has now opened up enough to go out to the shops and even attends the school up here in the unit for "hospital" children, those unable to go to mainstream school.  It's actually a school in two parts, the other being for excluded children.  Hayley's son understands that Wilbur will not be staying with them but is fascinated with the whole training process and they intend starting all over again with another dog.

So here's Wilbur.

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