Too Much Time On His Hands.....

.....if you ask me.
Horrible day so far, not a day to go out.  Foggy and generally miserable.    T has come to my rescue, blipwise, as he has just completed this jigsaw.  It was a Christmas present and one of his favourite extra difficult ones. There are very few traditionally shaped pieces, there could be straight edges in the middle, or an edge piece could be made up of three triangular pieces.  To add to the complexity some of them are in the shape of objects relevant to the subject matter.  In the bottom shot you can see some of these.  Also if you have time to look at the blip large you can see on the finished jigsaw a red wheelbarrow near the centre.  Underneath the wheelbarrow you can see the Hare shaped piece in place.  The whole thing would bore me to tears, give me card or fabric anytime, but T loves them.

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