Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Carys and Steven McRae

Wow, what an amazing day. Firstly Carys got her first ever splitsole ballet shoes, ribbons, new character shoes and a new leotard. Then after a bite of lunch we headed to Lush on Oxford Street. There we picked up some reduced Christmas bathbombs and she was swooped on to 'play' with one in the sinks. She chose a multicoloured bomb called Experimenter, which it turned out not only fizzed and had glitter in it but made bubbles too. She must have looked suitably wowed as she was then told she wasn't leaving the shop without one and she could have one as a gift!

We then wandered back to Covent Garden where she left a Nutcracker picture and a homemade Christmas tree decoration, plus a note for Gary Avis at the Opera House stage door. Not long after she had a personal tweet to thank her from Gary himself, plus a picture of the decoration hanging on his dressing room mirror along with the picture. That had her bouncing.

At Café Rouge she ate her weight in burger and fries, much to the amazement of the waitress.

The Nutcracker itself was amazing. Her reaction was amazing. Not entirely sure she wasn't crying at the Sugar Plum Fairy pas de deux. Then to cap it off when she asked if she could wait at the stage door I said yes. I came home with an extremely hyper baby ballerina who had got the autographs of Anna O'Sullivan (Clara), James Hay, (the Nutcracker) only because she called out his name to get his attention as he was walking away, had a chat with Gary Avis (Drosselmeyer) and his autograph and then asked Steven McRae (the Prince) for a photo and an autograph! Not the best photo I have ever taken, but to Carys it means the world. She is in seventh heaven and I will be surprised if she can go to sleep!

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