Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

On the warpath - again!

This time, the male swan was after the remaining cygnets - three of them are still on the pond, and the adults think it's time they were moving on. However, the cygnets weren't at all impressed and simply ignored their dad. I have seen a single cygnet left at this time of year and it looked clinically depressed - it stayed in one corner of the pond and was lunged at repeatedly by dad. It will be interesting to see what happens with these three, but there must be about four months before this year's cygnets hatch, so there is plenty of time to take the hint and move on.

Otherwise, there were a lot of noisy blackheaded gulls, many mallards in pairs with the male seeing off other unattached males, several moorhens, and the usual jackdaws and wood pigeons.

I must have walked getting on for three miles today - I hope you're impressed. It's the furthest I've walked for over three months and it felt great!

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