Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

I am happy we are back to regular old rain!  That damn ice took its time to melt.  The forecast doesn't look completely clear of snow, however.  The next three days could be dodgy.

I had one of those days.  Well, actually it started last night with a fall on the ice on the driveway (I am fine, just a bruised arm) and then the driveway gate freezing itself open for 5 hours.  I guess it's better than freezing itself closed, depending on what you need to be doing.

Today was a little silly, too.  Spent the morning de-icing the sidewalk, driveway and front path - successfully.  Two appointments, one expected, and one unexpected happened in the afternoon which was great, although the expected one was not at the time I'd been told and not the name I'd been given, but at least it was the right day!  Ha!

Discovered this evening, as I did a quick run to the store and the drycleaners, that the memory card in my Ricoh was corrupt and I could only take pictures on the hard drive of the camera, so here you have one of the 8 pictures I was allowed to take, an inviting bar on NE Broadway.  A quick drinkie would probably have hit the spot after today!  Oh and my NEX-C3 camera is officially deceased, it served me well for a number of years, so it's a sad farewell to that.  I am keeping all the lenses and accoutrements but the camera is on the pile for the next trip to the electronics recycling place.

With that I think I am going to park myself in front of the TV, hang out with the cats and then early bed!

Hubby arrived in the UK, he had a delicious curry for supper, so that is happy news, too.  :-)

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