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By Sheila24

A poem with a strong moral

I was looking at an old book which was given to my father when he was 10 years old. I remember reading this book and enjoying it when I was a child. This nonsense poem goes on...

'Could spout the Catechism through and parts of Matthew Arnold too,
While little Bill, who came between was quite unnaturally keen
On Athalie, by Jean Racine.
But not so Sarah! Not so Sal! She was a most uncultured girl
who didn't care a pinch of snuff for any literary stuff
And gave the classics all a miss. Observe the consequence of this!
As she was walking home one day, upon the fields across her way
A gate, securely padlocked, stood, and by its side a piece of wood
On which was painted plain and full 'BEWARE THE VERY FURIOUS 
Alas! The young illiterate went blindly forward to her fate
And ignorantly climbed the gate!
Now happily the Bull that day was rather in a mood for play
Than goring people through and through as Bulls so very often do;
He tossed her lightly with his hornsInto a prickly hedge of thorns,
And stood by laughing while she strode and pushed and struggled to the road.
The lesson was not lost upon the child, who, since has always gone
A long way round to keep away from signs, whatever they may say,
And leaves a padlocked gate alone. Moreover she has wisely grown
Confirmed in her instinctive guess that letters always bring distress.'

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