New Toy

At Christmas I got a pocket camera, to save me carting the best part of 9kg of camera bag with me wherever I go.

I am currently in a bit of a rut with taking pictures, as I find little inspiration in what I can take pictures of at work, and also the area around work doesn't seem to have much I can find inspiration in either.

So tonight I thought I would try and take a picture of my new(ish) camera, but I wanted a picture of it with the flash going off (even though I haven't used the flash on it yet).

To do this I had to set up the wireless trigger from my camera for the new camera, that would take a picture, and flash the flash. That flash would then trigger a flash of mine which was bouncing off the ceiling to soften the light. The picture was taken on a long exposure so I could set the camera going, set off the pocket camera that would set the flash going and light the picture. A bit involved, but that is my kind of thing.

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