Lost Edges

Minimalism in the midst of the snowstorm. My eyes dance across this landscape drawn in shadows against a white sky. Photographers who live in snowy places: what stops them from wandering endlessly in the snow, taking photographs of ledges, eaves, curls filled with white stuff, mounds and hillocks undulating like something in a dream? It is so beautiful, so miraculous, this heavy blanket of white wet wonder. 

And yet it can be deadly.

Four unhoused people in Portland have died from hypothermia in the last week. One of the dead, Karen Batts, struggled with schizophrenia. Israel Bayer, director of Street Roots, the local street people’s newspaper, says those who are paranoid cannot tolerate being jammed into shelters with masses of people around them. 

More reasons for hope: the young women organizing the March on Washington. A thrilling photograph.

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