Work flew by today one of those ones where you don't stop but feel like you didn't get done what was planned.

I didn't go to hospital today, hubby did and he didn't cope well with seeing her so bad. They tried to get her up and she just fell asleep in physios arms either side of her, must have been distressing to see. So they had to leave her in bed.

I was sad seeing him so sad tonight and frustrated that he was without support from anyone else. My sister in law is coming at the weekend and she would come at the drop of a hat if we asked her and calls me all the time, I'm really glad she is coming Steve needs his wine buddy.
Fortunately his brother rang tonight to say he was coming so that helped. Being a carer is one the toughest jobs I have had but we have to reflect on the positive side of which there have been lots.

Blip is my tea!

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