My Father's Archives #11

Here's the proof of my lifelong relationship with photography: It shows me at age 4 holding my father's light meter :)
My father loved farming. As a kid and teenager, he spent his holidays working in the fields of his hometown Rheinfelden near the German border, and when he came to Brazil, he helped small local farmers set up a co-op to join their ressources. Every morning, before breakfast, he would take me out to the fields, meet the men and discuss with them what had to be done that day. Together, they were able to build a barn and to buy simple machinery. The extra shows some of the men my dad worked with. The slide was already badly deteriorated when I scanned it and I had to do some heavy processing to make them visible again. Please forgive me the poor quality. The men look sinister on that picture, but they were all a lovely bunch of hardworking men.

On a side note: After being encouraged by some of you to write a book, I finally took courage and decided to give it a try. I will try to write it in English, as the idea's mother tongue is English (it was born right here on blipfoto). I can't imagine doing it in any other language, but I will need your help. I will need a handful of first, very critical readers who are willing to correct my English and to give me a feedback on the contents. I want it to be a lighthearted and entertaining book about photography (my father's and my own) and how it taught and continues to teach me.a spirituality of love. I (i.e., our dog Billy) will talk a little bit about religion, but in a way that (hopefully) will be accessible and meaningful also to non-religious people or people from other religions. If you are interested in helping me with this, please contact me through e-mail (you can find my e-mail in my profile).  And don't worry: You won't have a lot of work. Progress will be slow as I can spare only an hour a day. You'll have to wait a while before receiving the first chapter :)

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