By coloursue

Vitamin C required

Stayed over in Chichester last night and drove back this morning. Just over half way, I couldn't help but notice an ominous sound over the top of the radio and wipers. I pulled over and my suspicions were confirmed - a very flat tyre. Unfortunately, I had no phone signal (in a dip between 2 hills) so I limped a bit further along the road to higher ground, a car park- and the precious signal. I phoned for assistance - and help arrived within the hour and I was on my way again albeit a bit colder, damper, and later than planned.

Visited mum again this afternoon with my sister, but towards the end of the visit I was aware of feeling a little bit under par. So when I got home I reached for the vitamin C - both in tablet and fruit form. I don't believe in 'catching chills' - but I do believe in supporting my body when it feels in extra need.

These Clementines looked attractive so I thought I would capture them before they got eaten. :) 

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