We headed to Brum to see Dick Whittington at the Hippodrome. It was a great afternoon and it was lovely to see Oddie having a big old belly laugh and singing along to all the tunes, most of which I didn't know! Afterwards we had time to pop into Harvey Nichols for a browse. I nearly bought the bag which was priced £2100 but thought it looked a wee bit tacky! Incidentally, why is it that shop assistants and security guards behave as if they are one of the super rich?! Fecks sake, I want to slap 'em round the tete and remind them that they are working in a shop! 
So  today my before and after blip is 1) Oddie looking a bit glum on the outward trip and 2) a return to the radiant and happy person that I know and love so much. :)

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