Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Day See That Coming

Fun day today at Progress Wrestling with Rich & Kie. Sadly my back wasn't up to standing for the whole thing, but I managed to properly see the whole of the first half, and could see most of the action from my sofa off to the side for the second half. I very much took to Sexsmith (the wrestler pictured here with his legs in the air) because a) he came out with a pride flag, b) he was wearing Lady Rainicorn leggings and c) his entrance music was I Touch Myself! I do think it peaked too early with Finn Balor challenging fans to musical chairs though XD I very much liked the fact it started at 4pm and was done by 8pm; we're now back at home catching the final of the WWE UK Championship. I hope Tyler Bate wins, he's brilliant.

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