Cliff Face

Rocks at the foot of the cliff at Landcombe Cove
map their past like a million lives.
Tide upon tide rolled stone into stone
into one smooth whole,
blending and softening shards
to gentle curves.

See there, where their journey was rough,
when rocks collided?
Now they elide in a peaceful sheen,
and a freshwater stream seams
wet to dry, to lie on the salty shore.

What a worry the weathering might have seemed,
what a hopeless cause.
Only look now how peacefully
all falls into place.
And the beautiful lines sit well
on its wrinkled face.

poem © Celia Warren 2012

The sun came out today just enough for Miss PP and I to have a swim in the sea. We walked down to our favourite cove with Mr PP, and who should we meet there but Mr PP's old school friend (and Best Man at our wedding) and his wife! So had a lovely catch-up while joining forces to eat our respective picnics. Ages since we've seen them - added to the pleasure of a lovely day.

Bit cloudy again now, but still dry, if not underfoot (after yesterday's downpours). This photo of a section of the rock-face at the foot of the cliff is just as it came out of the camera; the sea's own sculpture and artwork.

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