I was lucky to have a blip present itself to me at work today. The hedge along the Meadows side of the Square has been given a comprehensive haircut. For what reason I know not. But there will be a lot more light in the Square as a result.

It's been an exhausting day for me. I didn't sleep at all well, and I've realised that I absolutely need my 7-8 hours shut eye not only for the normal reasons but also because if I don't my knee doesn't recuperate from the day's exertions and it ends up more stiff and sore than before. I had a session with the PT in the morning, then went in to work for a few hours. In the afternoon I had my sign-off appointment at the outpatient's clinic. They were very pleased with my progress, especially my knee bend. I can now drive and swim. Yippee! I'll have to remember how to do those particular activities.

I treated myself to a taxi to get home, and then felt guilty so got him to drop me off about 1000 steps from home so I could finish the necessary steppage for the day. How silly we are!

Early night beckons. Very early.

Pushing up the hill from the office to the hospital with proper heartrate consequences.

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