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By northernlass261

Sierra de Alhamilla, Nijar, Almeria

A cold early start, warming to a brilliantly sunny day.

Out and About in Almeria No. 10

A late posting of our Walking trip on Sunday.   Setting off from Nijar a round trip taking in the Crater of Granite, which produces very small round pieces of red granite, then several deep ravines in the area, leading to the abandoned town of Los Tristanes and the canal system of irrigation for Nijar.   A very arid part of Almeria, situated inland near Cabo de Gata, the coastling of which we could see.   According to our guide, the beaches of Cabo de Gata have won first place for the best beaches in Spain for two years running.

It was a very interesting walk, some 11.3 km over very rough terrain after the recent heavy rains.   So rough that the descent from the top of the crater was very slippy, so much so that several people did slip onto their bottoms.   As did Alan, but on the third time he injured his knee and so struggled to the end, having to be assisted at various places.   However, a day's RICE and it does not seem to be as bad.   Plenty more rest for the remainder of the week.   

You may be able to see on one of the extra pictures the mud still present after the rains.   All in all a very good day, we enjoyed it thoroughy, a great group of people who made us welcome yet again.

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