The magic of de-cluttering

Walked into our local hospice shop this morning apologising for the bundles of stuff.
“I am busy de-cluttering.”
“Don’t worry…everyone is de-cluttering. Its that time of the year.”
It’s amazing if you apply Marie Kondo, the de-cluttering guru test’s to everything: “does this object give you joy?” how so much fails.
All this is causing M some anxiety as he searches through bags destined for the charity shop fearing I have slipped some of his stuff in too.
Photo of the day- lilies – (pushed through prisma app). I thought there was a strange smell in the living-room and blamed Taz for bringing in some wee creature which had died- until I realised the smell was coming from the lilies.
Here is a question: what do you call the room where you spend most of your leisure time ( no, not the kitchen)- lounge, sitting or living room? 


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