A day of helping dad and bringing a smile to mom..

On Friday I was told I would likely start training on Monday but with no phone call, knowing they were waiting for paperwork and a federal holiday.. I was called this morning with an apology. The companies headquarters is in Portland and their weather had been nuts so things got backed up a little.. So now it looks like Thursday....

My dad seems to not want to stay upright very long while standing.. So he fell again :-(  sigh... So today I spent 4 hours at the hospital with him while he got he hand wrapped and x-rayed.. I saw the sign about love at the hospital.. I really liked the saying..  (sorry the lighting was awful and was taken with my phone)

Since it is my mom's birthday on Thursday, my dad has been asking me to take him to the store. Awfully hard to take him anywhere without my mom knowing so we took this opportunity.. The flower bouquet is the flowers he choose for her..

Thank you everyone so very much for putting my heron photo on page two of the popular pages..  

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