By aliveunwed


About six or seven years ago I made these slippers from scratch, the leather bought from a shop that no longer exists.

I made the pattern by wrapping one foot in newspaper and sellotape and then carefully cutting it off along the expected seam lines.

The inner part of the sole is 3.2mm (1/8 inch) leather, the upper soft shoe leather.  The outer sole is high density foam from a scrap bin.

The sole is sewn to the upper with waxed polyester thread using a sewing machine needle mounted in a wooden handle, the seams in the upper with a heavy hand sewing needle and the same thread.

There's room in the front half for a sheepskin lining when the weather gets cold again.

These slippers are what I wear at home.  I walk round the house in them, walk outside in them, do work that doesn't involve using a spade - I've even mowed the lawn in them.  It doesn't matter if the grass is wet or if its raining, I'm out in my slippers.

While the leather has worn very well the stitching was unravelling and frayed.  So, after pulling them apart, adding a few patches to prevent through-holes and re-stitching them I thought I'd go wild and polish them.

For the first time ever.

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