Spoilt For Choice......

....not a situation I am in very often.with blips.
Hairdressers this morning so on the way back I called at Stubbers Green Pool. It was quite misty there over the water.  There were so many on the water, it was difficult to choose, so you have some extras.  While I was shooting away a commotion caught my eye as a large flock of Black Headed gulls were wheeling about and landing on the water.  It was a continually moving scene., some landing, some taking off.   I have done my best to capture the sense of chaos..  The extras are a Crested Duck on her own, with two friends (who were swimming together all the time),  and another action shot of two Black Headed Gulls.
I am tagging this blip for Wild Wednesday and Wide Angle Wednesday, two for the price of one.

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