Midgies enjoying the Sun!

Lovely sunny day at 7C degrees.  Ideal for walking, but the only walking I've done so far is around the garden  -  I'm awaiting a delivery from Amazon.  According to my email it set out from Aberdeen at 10 o.clock this morning  -  it still hasn't arrived - 3pm:(  The sun has brought the midgies out in force as you can see from my Blip.  They caught my attention because they are backlit by the sun which gave them the effect you can see. The background is the shed given a nice narrow depth of field. The lamp on the bottom left is only lit at night, but here it looks as if it is lighting up the midgies. The extra is the same shot but solarized with PaintShop Pro X9 to the value of 24.  I prefer that to the true capture actually:) Have a nice evening, everyone:)

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