The theme for today's Abstract Thursday hosted by Ingeborg is Impressionism.  I had fun getting just the right setting and movement whilst photographing this vase of tulips.  Hopefully fits the bill.

I spent today, when not messing about with tulips, setting up a friend of a colleague's laptop.  A pre-owned Windows 7 ACER that had been cleared of all but essentials.  It was quite nostalgic going back to the 'old' days, the original laptop I was taking stuff off being a Windows XP Dell. 211 Windows updates were required and the only issue I had was with Windows Live Mail which she wanted transferring; unfortunately this was desupported on 10th January this year so no download on the Microsoft site.  I installed Outlook but the mail would not export from XP in that format, even though it said it should.  Also nice to get back to Microfort Security Essentials, replaced by Defender in 8 and 10 but without the facility to schedule scans.

In other news: I heard back from the owner of the Old Postcards web site and he has given me permission to use images in Blipfoto.  I have therefore added an extra pic on Tuesday's Wood Street picture of Debenhams showing the original Lansdowne Boarding House and a description also taken from that site. 

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