By kerolar

Manchester Cobbles

This old Roman Road at the edge of the M60 motorway, surrounded by sixties tower blocks is a hidden gem. In the Dodge Hill conservation area of Stockport, I've passed by it for years never knowing it was there. In the days when Drovers brought their cattle to market in Stockport, the road carried onto a Ford over the River Mersey where they Stopped; hence Stopford a local name. Apparently, the Ford was the only place to cross the Mersey on foot. The M60 passes over the Ford these days. 

The road cobbles are made from stones taken from the bed of the local rivers. Note, the Victorian stone cobbles in the foreground, the stone paving and sandstone walls. 

It would make a great film location. 

I wouldn't have known all that if I hadn't been out on my bike for a lunchtime wander. 

The more I find, the more I discover for another day. 

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