Party ... Party ...

Eric, myself and the boys went to my Nan's eightieth Birthday Party today, Bless her.

We all had a sit down meal, there was about one hundred and twenty people there from her children to grandchildren to great grandchildren and her freinds.

On the tables there were crackers, everybody popped them but no one but Eric wore their hats including me, he kept asking peple "Why arent you wearing your hats?".

Still no one wore one except Eric, he will keep his hat on now until he goes to bed.

If you could hear him muttering away to himself in the kitchen about no one else wearing a hat, I can not help but smile, as he looks quite funny Bless Him, haha.

I took this photograph of Eric at a set of traffic lights on the way home as the boys got a little bored towards the end of the party, so I thought I would cheer them up on the way home ... it worked, haha.

Happy 80th Birthday Nan




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