Stirling University

Finding a place to park at Stirling University after 10am is virtually impossible. This morning after trawling through several car parks I found a space in the student residencies car park.
A young man in his BMW had just vacated it.
The days of student driving “ old bangers” have gone. Last year a Chinese student crashed his Ferrari while driving it drunk. He got banned.
So he got himself a chauffeur.
Well, this morning our  (older) Keep Dancing class re-started at the Macrobert arts centre and I keep getting glimpse into modern university life.
Gone are the days of student rebellion, and political discussion. (A friend of mine had several socially aware projects vetoed because they were “too political” and rejected by the Ethics committee)
Today it’s all about business. Big business. And that means foreign students. And you don’t do anything that might offend them.
One staff member confided’; “They have wealth we could never even dream about. It is a different world.”


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