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Day 13/19

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Combination shot with  FlowerFriday20  and also Squirrel Blip Friday (see extras).     Thanks to KevinV for hosting SBF over the years!!

Maybe I could have called this Flora & Fauna Friday !!!
(Small confession - the squirrel shot was taken yesterday but as it's not the main journal entry I hope you will forgive me).

Surprisingly there is not that big a choice of flowers near the hotel but I was lucky to catch this butterfly (no positive ID but I think it may be an Indian Fritillary) on a patch of roadside weeds, next to the railway line near the hotel, early this morning.   Not seen that many butterflies either.
UPDATE:  Thank you again to mollyblobs who tells me that the butterfly is a Plain Tiger ......... so grateful for her unending knowledge.  :o))

In the extras today there is another White Throated Kingfisher - this time with fish in beak - and also a Grizzled Giant Squirrel (aka Giant Squirrel or Rock Squirrel).  Mr Squirrel was so close I could have touched him - when I saw his very large front teeth I decided that would not be a good idea!!

Thanks so much for all your comments, stars and hearts on my street scenes yesterday ........  am trying to "mix it up" a little with choices of subjects for my journal on this trip ........ I could post cute chipmunk photos every day (here they are called Palm Squirrels) but I am resisting the temptation!!!

~ Anni ~

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