Nice Cuppa Tea

Today I had the nicest cup of tea that I’ve had in years. 
Had to act as a taxi service to Grantham for our lad and while waiting I spent my time taking photos with my telephone.  Plenty of potentially good images, but dying of thirst I dropped into the ‘Teaspoon tea company’ tea shop in the George Centre.
They are specialists, even down to providing you with a timer so that you can get your brew just right!  I was so impressed I even bought a bag of tea before leaving – I will arrange the mortgage next week . . .
I haven’t had so many photos to choose from for ages, and wish that I had had the 7D with me, however I’ve been brutal and cut the collection down to just two today, and a couple more in reserve.  The main blip speaks for itself, and a shot of the Market Cross is at Extra.  I could have used that one on Wednesday, plus another three that I took in the centre.

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