By D77

Walk The Line

We had Mum and Sandy round to ours for tea and a chance to see our new(ish) house and partake in a little winescoffing and storytelling.

Sandy got me a rather fabulous Christmas present in the form of a Tamron 300mm lens for my new camera. Before I picked them up today, I popped along to the beach near their hotel to test it out. It seemed to produce quite nice results (most definitely compared to the packaged lens) but it's a little bulky so I think shots involving it will have to be planned in advance. The jump from compact to DSLR isn't yet proving the leap I was hoping for as I'm finding the results very similar to those I was taking before. Perhaps I need to break out my mould a little more and experiment with different things (although what exactly, I'm not sure). Having said that, I don't think this particular shot would have been possible with my Powershot S2 so I'm pleased in that respect.

We talked a lot about blipfoto as they love reading my journal and seeing a bit of my daily life. Despite my best efforts to post interesting cultural insights for those back home, my Mum kept banging on about this one and made me giggle when she asked if I knew wingbag!

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