2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Bridges not walls

Beautiful sunny and cold day. Had a busy morning of meetings, including explaining my role to a group of new librarians working towards chartership. I managed to get down to the bridge over the lake in time to see the unfurling of the Bridges not Walls banner. This international campaign coincided with Trump's inauguration day and refers to his Mexican wall plan. It was nice to meet up with some like-minded people. Lots of them were from the University's meteorology department as they have expertise in climate change science and are rightly worried about the rise of the climate change deniers. 

I wore my pussy hat and then lent it to a friend from Crochet club who was also at the demonstration. She's going to the women's march in London tomorrow and it is good that my hat will get to go. I dropped the other one off to a book group friend who's also marching pn my way to work. 

Finished work on time and dashed off to a spinning class with husband. Lots of sweating but a good class and a nice end to the week. 

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