The Womens March on DC drew about 500,000 by current estimates (that would be about twice as much as went to The Ds inauguration).

Numbers aside, I thought the march (also replicated in others cities in the US as well as abroad) was a success because of the 'vibe' it generated: passion and fierce advocacy for a diverse slate of causes, kindness from the throng of people who participated (everyone was patient when the sheer volume of the crowds jammed things up everywhere -- from buying metro tickets to trying to cross squares), camaraderie across causes with encouragement for everyone, and DC cops who, I think, were just as engaged as the participants (all smiles and some even sporting the 'pussy hats'! They're the best). And just simply a feeling that people had finally come together towards a common goal and were united in their "enough is enough" purpose. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and by all accounts, so did every other participant. And not one incident of violence. Yeah to us! :)

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