Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

The Old Man of Storr, in the Trotternish area of the Isle of Skye. A grand day out with N & R.

Finally uploaded this photo in my digital era way-back-Blips. Have referred to it before, following the unfortunate death of a former work colleague, that liked it, and kept it on his PC's desktop for years after I'd cheekily put it there when fixing his PC.

On this day that the picture was taken, the three of us (N, R, and myself) had taken some pictures of this famous pinnacle and were sitting in amongst the rocks and snow behind it having our lunch. When the hillwalker appeared at the base, the three of in a near synchronised fashion, stopped, put down the food and drink, and all reached for our cameras. There'd been no sense of scale until the bloke had stood next to it on the skyline. He was also taking a picture, but of the scene beyond our view.

I was using this still new to me digital camera, whereas N & R where using film cameras. We had a slide show of this camera's results on a TV when we got back from the weekend. A few days or weeks later, when their films came back, they quickly decided it was time to save for a digital camera!

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