Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

Late night in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a tiring city! I last visited on a school trip when I was in year 11. It was so nice to have the chance to see it again but it didn't feel as special to me. I managed to make my way from the port to park Guell by foot to find you have to pay to get in.... so enjoyed the free views from the top and found the subway to get back. I wandered everywhere... and eventually met up with some of the cast for dinner at the stupidly overpriced Hard Rock Cafe but it was our thing that we always went to Hard Rock in each different city. On our walk home Matt caught a shoplifter mid steal, hand in his bag. He was so quick to react and she left straight away, luckily empty handed. We notified the shop security who were so lovely. Then further down the street we saw this scumbag and her associate caught and in handcuffs by the police immediately! She obviously wasn't the best pick pocketer and again got caught on the street, ha! We were so happy haha and continued back with our backpacks on our bellies. :D 

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