Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

Stuck up the mountain...

Hilarious day... and the day nearly 10 crew members lost their jobs oops!!

We hired a dodgy car to find the zip wire at the top of the mountain... we were about 4 hair pin turns away when we pulled to the side to let a bus through and a tyre popped on a stone. A teeny little stone.

There was no replacement tyre in the vehicle that we could find... When the company came to rescue us they found the replacement tyre but it was flat.... and there weren't sufficient tools to replace the tyre either. We tried to get out of paying but they refused to drive us back down without payment and it was more important that we got back...

So, we must have spent about 3 hours up there, and I was using my phone for Facebook live thinking it was part of O2 Travel... but ended up spending £40 on data. It could have been worse... 

We had awesome views to be stranded with and everything happens for a reason... we might have died doing that zip wire or something so I'm glad it was an adventure and we got back in time for the ship. :)

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